2024 Shaped Wedding Signage Collection

We’re super excited to introduce our new shaped wedding signage collection, designed especially for Perth couples gearing up to celebrate their special day! ūüéČ

First there were shaped invitations, followed by shaped table stationery and now shapes have sized up to signage. In our continuous pursuit of adding some fun to wedding stationery, we’ve expanded our collection to include round, arch and wavy signs. Say goodbye to normality and hello to a whole new world of wedding charm with our shaped signage.

Whether you’re envisioning the gentle curves of a round sign or the modern elegance of an arch sign, our collection helps bring your dream signage to life. We can help design your welcome signs, seating charts, large menus and anything else that needs to be large scale. The shapes that we offer include round signs, arch signs, wavy signs and rectangle signs. All our designs are customisable to suit your wedding, including colours and fonts.

PS. Need a sign for something other than a wedding? We can design for other events such as birthdays, bridal showers, engagements, kids’ birthday parties and more!

Check out our range of pre-designed welcome signs here or send us an enquiry for any custom ideas you may have.

Round Wedding Signage

Breaking away from the usual sharp lines and angles, round signs bring a touch of elegance and a more relaxed vibe to weddings. They’re not about being too formal; instead, they add a charming and easygoing feel that’s just perfect for casual events. Imagine them fitting right in at a laid-back beach wedding or adding a rustic flair to a barn celebration.

Round Wedding Welcome Sign in Perth.
Shop our ‘Salt’ round welcome sign in our online store.

Arch Wedding Signage

Modern and elegant, arch signs exude elegance while retaining a modern look. Our collection includes the classic arch, the trendy half-arch and a double arch for all the symmetrical lovers out there.

Classic Arch

The classic arch is a timeless choice, adding a touch of tradition to your special day.

Green Arch Wedding Welcome Sign in Perth.

Shop our ‘Sorrel’ arch welcome sign in our online store.


The modern half-arch introduces a contemporary twist to the classic arch. Much-loved for its fun yet elegant shape, half-arch signs infuses your wedding with a chic and stylish vibe.

Modern Half-Arch Wedding Welcome Sign in Perth.

Shop our ‘Peppers’ half arch welcome sign in our online store.


If you’re looking for something a bit more symmetrical and eye-catching, our double-arch is the perfect choice, doubling the charm and making a statement all its own.

Wave Wedding Signage

Wave signs are a refreshing departure from the ordinary. More fun, charming and relaxed than the usual geometric shapes, wave signs are perfect for casual and no-fuss weddings. Think summer picnics, lazy lunches and beachside soirées. Our collection includes the full wave, long-edge wave and short-edge wave.

Long-Edge Wave

For a whimsical yet still formal look, long-edge wave signage is the way to go. The organic wave on one side adds a hint of fun, whilst the rectangular edge on the other keeps it formal.

Shop our ‘Brooklyn’ long edge wave seating chart in our online store.
Perth Wedding Signage

The Hello Bureau is a creative design studio in Perth, Australia specialising in wedding and event stationery. With over 10 years experience in the industry, we seek to share our knowledge to help you with your creative wedding and event stationery projects. If you’re interested in bespoke¬†stationery¬†for your wedding or event, please¬†send us an¬†enquiry.

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