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11 Places To Buy Wax Seals For Wedding Invitations In Australia

11 Places To Buy Wax Seals For Wedding Invitations In Australia

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With the revival of timeless romantic wedding stationery in 2022, there has been an upward trend of using wax seals for wedding invitations. Traditionally, wax seals were used mainly as formal signatures, and later on, for security when posting letters and important documents. In modern times, wax seals are used to adorn stationery and come in a variety of designs and colours.

Read on to find a list of Australian suppliers that sell wax seals and sealing accessories.

11 Places To Buy Wax Seals For Wedding Invitations In Australia

A brief history of signature seals

Signature sealing is a technique dating back thousands of years. In ancient Mesopotamia, seals were originally stamped in clay to authenticate tablets. The emperors of ancient China also used seals stamped in cinnabar paste to officiate documents and contracts. During the Middle Ages, wax seals were popular as signatures for aristocrats and the wealthy. In this period, sealing wax was made from a mixture of expensive beeswax, Venice turpentine and vermilion colour pigment. As time went on, the use of beeswax in sealing wax was completely abandoned and wax seals eventually became cheaper and more widespread. Before gummed or peel 'n' stick envelopes were invented, it was common practice to use wax seals to secure envelopes and documents for posting.

11 Places To Buy Wax Seals For Wedding Invitations In Australia

Where to find wax seals in Australia

Thanks to the recent popularity of wax seals, it is now very easy to order a custom stamp and sealing wax in just a couple of clicks. Modern sealing wax is generally made from resin, paraffin wax and coloured pigments. Most sealing wax is vegan friendly and contains no animal products but it’s best to double-check with the supplier if you are concerned. (Some wax products may contain beeswax or shellac.)

Listed below are some places that I recommend to my customers when it comes to finding wax seals for their stationery. Most of these places sell sealing kits and accessories as well.



If you’re looking for a design that’s customised – such as a logo, wedding monogram or initials – the shops below are able to cater for bespoke orders.

Sign And Seal Australia Etsy Store (Brisbane)

Bespoke Collection Aus Etsy Store (Sydney)

Inksy Etsy Store (Gold Coast)

Kustom Haus (Melbourne)

Il Papiro (Melbourne)



Prefer something already created? These places stock beautiful ready-to-use stamp designs and wax seal kits that are perfect for any occasion.

Zetta Florence (Melbourne)

Fiona Ariva Etsy Store (Melbourne)

Sea and Paper Etsy Store (Melbourne)



No time to make your own wax seals? You can purchase pre-made wax seals that have self-adhesive stickers on the back. Just peel and stick. Another bonus of using pre-made wax seals is that there is no mess and each wax seal will be as perfect as wax seals can be.

Meadow Seal Stationery Etsy Store (Melbourne)

Invited in Style Etsy Store  (Adelaide)

Brushed With Gold Etsy Store (Melbourne)



Artisaire (Canada)

Sweet Ophelia Designs Etsy Store (UK)

La Pomme Et La Pipe Press Etsy Store (France)

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