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So, you've found the perfect wedding location...however, it's in a different country!

Destination weddings are awesome – they are fun, exotic, and a great excuse for your guests to plan a getaway.

Planning a destination wedding is definitely more work than a local wedding but well worth the effort! Being organised is the key to a successful overseas wedding. 

Hopefully this post will help give you some tips and insight on when to send your destination wedding invitations.

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Where do you begin with the invitations for a destination wedding?

Over the past few years, I have worked with several couples of whom were at various stages of planning their destination wedding.

Some couples already had the venue, dates and general order of events locked in and others had just started the organising. No matter what stage you are at in your planning, it is crucial that you send out a save the date notice to your guests as soon as possible.

From my past experience working on destination wedding invitations, this is my recommended strategy to approach the task.

1) Decide on a wedding date range and country.
2) Send out a save the date notice at least 12 months in advance or as soon as you can.
3) Request for RSVPs so you can have an estimate guest count.
4) Send out formal wedding invitations about 6 months before the wedding.
1) DATE AND COUNTRY. Decide on the dates and the country. You may not have locked in a specific venue yet but having a date range and a general location should be priority.

2) NOTICE. Once you have shortlisted venues and a date range, send out a save the date or wedding notice to let your guests know about your plans. This can be in either digital or physical format.

TIP: For an affordable way to send out a wedding notice, we have a collection of editable DIY Save the Date digital templates that you can either print out or send electronically to your guests.

3) RSVP. Some overseas venues require a rough head count prior to accepting your booking, so it's advisable to get RSVPs from your guests to see who is most likely to attend (within 1-2 months of sending the save the date). This will also facilitate with organising any necessary group transport or accommodation required.

4) INVITATIONS. Send out formal invitations once you have all the main details confirmed (roughly 6 months ahead of the wedding). Hopefully most of your guests would have given you their RSVPs already. If you have any guests who are undecided, be sure to follow up with them as soon as you can.

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How should you word the save the date?

Depending on how much notice you require from your guests to continue planning your wedding, word your save the date in a way that creates urgency to respond.

Explain your wedding plans in as much detail as possible, so that your guests understand the process and know what to expect. Bear in mind that it is a huge commitment that you are asking of your guests to RSVP so early in the process, however it is absolutely necessary.

Most often than not, they will be excited to join you at your destination wedding!

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What else should you organise after invitations have been sent?

Having a wedding website is generally a good idea for destination weddings. That way, you can also add any information about accommodation, transport, activities, attractions and general housekeeping information. There are several free wedding website providers but we recommend Australian wedding website builder, WedSites. ( If you are considering purchasing a plan from WedSites, use the code "UNBRIDELY10" for a 10% discount on the Standard or Pro plans!)

If you want to keep it social, a private Facebook group or event page may also be helpful in keeping your guests up-to-date with any news or changes.

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I hope this post has helped answer some questions in regards to destination wedding invitations. If you would like us to design your destination wedding invitations, please submit an enquiry via the contact form. Happy wedding planning!


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