Where To Buy Silk Ribbons For Invitations In Australia

If you are looking for an elegant and luxurious finishing touch to put on your invitations, hand dyed silk ribbons are a lovely choice.

The softness of the ribbon, together with the gentle frayed edges, can add a gorgeous timeless finish to your invitations.

When paired with handmade paper and wax seals, it is a match made in heaven.

Although hand dyed silk ribbons can be quite costly, it can be reused by your guests for other purposes. Some examples of reuse include using it as a hair tie, wrapping up gifts or using it in craft projects.

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Below is a list of 5 Australian businesses that offer pure hand dyed silk ribbons. You can order your ribbons online at any of these stores.


1. Zetta Florence

Melbourne-based store Zetta Florence is a stationery lover's heaven. Along with their extensive range of wax seals and kits, they also have a collection of gorgeous 100% pure hand dyed silk ribbons that complement handmade paper.

Click here to view ribbons from Zetta Florence

2. Silk and Bramble

Silk and Bramble is an artisanal seaside studio in Brisbane that produces delicate silks and linens by hand. Here you will find a large range of different types of beautiful hand dyed silk ribbons such as classic silk, crepe silk, satin silk and more.

Click here to view ribbons from Silk and Bramble

3. The Paper Botanist

Sydney-based studio The Paper Botanist have a stunning collection of hand dyed silk ribbons in popular wedding invitation theme colours. From earthy hues to deep and muted tones, there is a colour for every theme.

Click here to view ribbons from The Paper Botanist 

4. Elfin Trail at Tribe Castlemaine

The silk ribbon used by Melbourne-based Elfin Trail is Fair Trade and ethically sourced from India. The ribbons are made from recycled silk wedding saris in Bangalore and locally hand dyed in beautiful earthy colours by Elfin Trail in Castlemaine.

Click here to view ribbons from Tribe Castlemaine

5. Flowerholic

Based in Sydney, Flowerholic has a range of hand dyed silk ribbons in an array of gorgeous dreamy colours that go well with soft colour palettes. 

Click here to view ribbons from Flowerholic


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Where to buy silk ribbons for invitations in Australia | The Hello Bureau


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