Save the Dates: Are they necessary?

Save the Dates

Save the Dates: Are they necessary? The Hello Bureau, Melbourne

What is a save the date?

A ’save the date' is a notification you send to your guests with your wedding date (and location if you have one) so they can organise time off or plan around it. A save the date doesn’t have to be costly or formal, it can be in the form of a simple text message or Facebook event page.

Should I send a save the date?

Local weddings: If your wedding is held locally and the majority of your guests are local then I believe a save the date is optional. If you decide not to send save the dates, aim to send your formal wedding invitations at least 4 months before the wedding. Of course you can always notify the specific guests that may require more time to plan and travel.

Destination weddings: YES!! Definitely send a save the date notice! Any wedding plans that require your guests to travel needs as much notice as possible.

Who do I send a save the date to?

The people you send a save the date to are the guests you are formally inviting to your wedding. This means you don’t have to send it to every single guest on your initial list but only the ones you most definitely want at your wedding. I’ve heard stories where couples have sent save the dates to everyone only to realise later that they are over-budget and have to cut back on the guest list.

Types of save the dates

  • Simple text message notifying guests of the details
  • Save the date in the form of a digital 'card' - send through SMS, email or social media
  • Facebook event
  • There are endless options for physical save the dates, they can be as creative as you like! The most common form of a save the date is a card with a magnet on the back. 

Our collection of save the date templates

If you're after an affordable way to get save the date cards designed, check out our instant DIY templates. These are ready for you to fill in yourselves and either send digitally or get printed.

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