I saw an invitation suite on Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest but I can't find it on the website. How do I enquire about it?

Most of our wedding invitation suites are bespoke and specially designed for each couple which is why we don't offer it as a design for sale. If you saw a suite you really loved please contact us with a picture of it and we can have a chat to you about how to create your very own personalised set of invitations.

How much does it cost to get my own set of bespoke invitations?

The cost of bespoke invitations vary as it includes many factors such as complexity of the design, materials and printing required, extra items and embellishments. As a general rule, the average cost of one set of bespoke invitations can range from $7.50 to $10.00. This usually includes the main invitation and envelope, two extra cards and a type of finishing (i.e. ribbons, belly bands, tags).

What is the turnaround timeframe for bespoke invitations?

The amount of time it takes to complete the invitations varies according to the depth of the job. It also depends on how many revision rounds we do and the downtime between correspondence. We recommend leaving at least two months for the whole process from start to delivery.

I'm still confused as to how this all works. Can you explain it a bit more?

Of course! Our bespoke service is for couples who have a general idea of what they want their invitations to look like but can't find a ready-made design anywhere. So what we do is help bring your idea to life through concept, design and revisions.

Let's say you want a rustic-looking invitation set on brown kraft card with ivory lace. You've seen an image on Pinterest however you're not loving the actual design of the invite. This is where we come in and help create a design that you will love. We present you with our ideas and you will be able to give your input to tweak it. Once the design is finalised we can help you get the printing sorted and also the ivory lace. If you'd like us to create additional matching items for your on-the-day wedding items such as place cards, signage or menus, we can do that too! 

What style of invitations do you design? I have a specific style in mind, will you be able to design it?  

Our personal design style is what we like to call 'bold minimalism'. We love having a minimal framework but adding exciting bold elements to make the design pop. This is done through either graphics, colour or even funny witty statements that you wouldn't normally expect on an invite. But that's just our style and we can definitely cater to your own style too. We have created invitations that are rustic, modern, handmade, minimal, themed (we love themed!) and classical/traditional. Just send us an enquiry and we'll let you know if it's something we can create!

What kind of printing do you offer?

We outsource our printing to reputable professional printing companies in Australia and predominantly work with digital printing (printing from a digital-based image directly onto media.) We can also organise special printing services such as foiling and white ink onto coloured media. We have access to many different paper stocks so if there is something you are after just let us know.

I don't even know where to start with my wedding invitations...please HELP??

We've heard this one a lot so you're not alone! It's easy to be overwhelmed with ideas so we can work with you to narrow it down. We know a lot of wedding and stationery suppliers and we are happy to assist you with figuring out the finer details. Want a custom wax seal stamp with your initials? Or perhaps silk ribbons? Acrylic menus? We can hook you up! Just email Cass your query and she'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you offer face-to-face meetings and consultations?

Absolutely! For Melbourne couples Cass is more than happy to catch up with you at a cafe for coffee and chats. Because we are freelance, we hold all our consultations in the awesome cafes that inner-city Melbourne offers. Simply request a meeting via the contact form and we'll arrange a time to meet with you.