Do you have a storefront I can visit?

No, we are online only. We are based in Perth, Australia, but do not have a storefront or physical shop. 

Can my order be customised?

Absolutely! Our point of difference is that we work with you directly and tailor the stationery to your needs. Once you place your order, free email consultation and guidance is included throughout the whole process. Some examples of things that we can accommodate for include:

  • Wording changes
  • Holding off on production and shipping (if you're not ready with your wording yet or need to postpone your wedding or event)
  • Any additional items
  • For Perth metro residents – we may be able to complete semi-urgent jobs (i.e. within 2 weeks of your event) and offer you a delivery/pick-up option instead of waiting around for shipping

Will I be communicating with a local Perth designer?

Yes, you will be working and corresponding directly with Cass – the owner and lead designer at The Hello Bureau.

Do you have sample packs?

Yes, sample packs can be ordered here.



Do you offer digital design services?

Yes, we do! If you prefer to print the items yourself, we can design and email you a digital copy of the items. Otherwise, our editable templates are a fantastic and affordable way to design your own stationery.

I'm after an item not listed on the website, are you able to design it for me?

Most of the time, we can. Please send us an email enquiry and we will get back to you about whether or not we can take on the project.

I'm after stationery for a corporate event, are you able to assist with the designs?

Yes, we can design for corporate events. Please send us an email enquiry and we will get back to you about whether or not we can take on the project.



I can't see the listing for a design I want on a particular paper stock that you have, can I request for a design to be printed on a specific paper stock?

Yes, you most certainly can! We haven't had the chance to upload each design on every different paper stock, so please send us an email with the design you'd like and the paper stock that you want.

How much time is needed for custom-designed wedding stationery?

Please note that as wedding invitations can be a lengthy process (the designing, printing and shipping), a minimum of 2 months notice must be given before the sending date.

Generally, wedding invitations are sent out around 4 months before the wedding date. This allows your guests to have up to 3 months to RSVP for the wedding.

If you are expecting guests from interstate or overseas, we recommend sending out digital or physical save the dates to these guests, so that they have ample time to plan and prepare.