What happens after I purchase a template?

The Hello Bureau uses an authorised third-party design platform called Templett to create all our DIY templates. Once you have purchased a template, you will receive an order confirmation email from us (The Hello Bureau) AND another separate email from Templett with a subject heading along the lines of "Access your purchased template". Follow the instructions in the Templett email to setup your account and you're good to go to start editing your template.

Oops! I purchased the wrong template by mistake, can I get a refund for it?

We have a strict no-refunds policy for all our digital products including templates and digital downloads. Please use the demo links to try out the template before purchasing. However, if you purchased the wrong size or design (i.e. you purchased a 15-table seating chart when you wanted a 9-table one) we are happy to swap the templates for you in Templett. Send us an email and we will change it for you.

I only received an order confirmation from The Hello Bureau and didn't receive an email from Templett, what do I do?

In the off chance you didn't receive an email from Templett immediately after purchase, please check your junk mailbox as it may have been filtered as spam. If there's no email present please contact us to resolve the issue. Unfortunately sometimes technical problems do occur on our side but we will investigate it and get your template to you as fast as possible.

Do my templates expire? And why are there download limits?

Your Templett account doesn't expire but your templates from The Hello Bureau do expire after 6 months. The templates are also limited to ten (10) downloads per user. If you've made multiple changes and have run out of downloads, please contact us to reset your limits. Whilst most of our customers are amazing and do the right thing, unfortunately we have to enforce these limits to reduce the risk of copyright and unethical reselling of our designs.

I can't access or edit my template on my phone...

Sorry, Templett is currently not available on tablet or mobile devices. You will need to edit your templates on a PC or laptop.

I think I need your help...can I just email you my enquiry?

Yes please do! Sometimes things don't go as smoothly as they should and we are here to help you resolve any issues you have with the template design. 

Simply send our creative director Cass an email with your query at:

Are your listings on Etsy the same as the ones here?

Yes they most definitely are! We love Etsy!

Are you able to design me a custom template to edit?

We can! Just get in touch with us with what you are after and we'll create a template for you to work with.


How do I access my templates?

  1. Look for an email from Templett (check your junk mail if you don’t receive anything in your inbox) 
  2. Follow the link to access your template. You will be required to make an account to use Templett. 
  3. While you make changes, remember to save your template. There is an option to revert back to the original design if you want to start over.
  4. When you’re ready to print, download the PDF or JPEG. 
  5. Either print your templates at home or send to a printer.

Can you offer assistance with my template if I get stuck with the editing?

Yes of course! We have access to your templates and can go in and fix anything that you're stuck on. Generally we won't intervene with your design unless you ask us to do so. If you want to find out more about the features of using Templett, their help page has a ton of handy information! You can access that here:

I've purchased a template but it seems to be the wrong design in my account, how do I get the right one?

Oops sorry that's definitely our bad! When we setup the listings we have to code each one with the right codes and sometimes we accidentally put the wrong one (usually on a morning before coffee). Please contact us and we will fix it for you ASAP!

What can I edit in my template?

  • You have full creative freedom for your template! We've created the foundation for you to work with and you simply have to make it your own :) You can change it as little or as much as you like.
  • All the text in our templates are editable and additional text boxes and headings can be added.
  • Font sizes, colours and styles - you will have access to our database of fonts.  
  • You can upload your own images and photos to include on the template.
  • For some templates there is an option to add a back page for double sided printing.

Wanna have a go? Try this out:

What can't I edit in my template?

  • Any design-specific imagery or graphics on the template as these are locked in position (except photo templates which are replaceable) 
  • The size of the template. Need a specific size that's not in the listings? No biggie, contact us and we'll make you a custom template.

I'm ready to download and get my design printed but I'm so confused about what to download my file as, can you please explain the file types?

Templett offers you three (3) options when downloading your design: JPEG, PDF and PNG. Find out more about these here:

All our templates have bleed applied already so you do not have to use the "bleed" option.

PDF - Recommended format for printing

Generally if you are planning on sending your design to print, either at home or a print shop/online printer, you will want to use PDF. Templett PDF's are vector files so the quality is very high and the text and other vector objects should remain perfectly sharp. 

JPEG - Print or sharing online

This option is for printing at a photo lab or print shop. In some cases you may be asked to supply a JPEG file instead of a PDF. Choose the 300dpi option if you are intending to send it to print. It can also be used for any digital purposes like uploading onto a website, sending in an email or Facebook event for example.

PNG - Sharing online only

PNG format is only meant for digital sharing on the web. The quality is 72 dpi and is not good enough for print.

**Please note that if you upload and add your own images or backgrounds, the colour and quality may be different once printed. This is because printers require images to be in CMYK colour mode and 300dpi resolution. This means if your image is not hi-res this will impact the output quality and may print out pixelated. Please check the requirements with your printer.


Business Card Templates


All business card templates measure 89mm x 55mm which is specifically designed to be used with international online print service MOO. You simply have to download the file from Templett and upload it onto MOO’s website when ordering your business cards. 


It is recommended that you download the templates as single-page PDFs. You will end up with one PDF for the front design, and one PDF for the back design. MOO’s online ordering system will guide you through how to upload these designs. 


The red border is to show the safe area so none of your words and pictures are cut off when printed. Please keep your design within the border. When you have finished designing simply unlock and delete the red border before downloading. 


Templett accepts JPEG, PNG and SVG files. Here is some background information on the different file properties. 

JPEG: If your logo is in JPEG format, the background space will always be white. This can’t be edited and will print as-is. 

PNG: If you have a PNG file of your logo, this will have a transparent background (depending on how it was created and if it was saved with transparency). This format is best if you are planning to place your logo over a coloured/patterned background or images. 

SVG: If your logo is in SVG format, it will be transparent and the colours will be editable in Templett. 


Each template comes with a set of social media icons that you can use in your design. These icons can be resized and you can change the colour. The only way you can use them is to copy (CTRL-C) and paste (CTRL-V) them onto your template. You can only use the icons on the same template ID (i.e. you won’t be able to copy and paste from one template to another).Once you have finished your design please remember to delete the icons page or it will be included in your download file.

Signage Templates


All signage templates are specifically designed to include 10mm/0.125" bleed on each edge meaning your final file will be larger than the size you require. Bleed is printing that goes beyond the edge of where the sheet will be trimmed. In other words, the bleed is the area to be trimmed off and is required by printers for edge-to-edge printing. 

The downloaded size of the templates are: 

A1: 614mm x 861mm 

A0: 861mm x 1209mm


20"x30": 20.125"x30.125" 

24"x36": 24.125"x36.125" 


These templates are specifically designed to be used with the following online printers:

AUSTRALIA - Officeworks |

USA - Prints of Love | 

However you can also take your files to other print and copy centres to get printed.

Seating Plan Templates


If you don’t wish to change any of the formatting, simply copy and paste the names from your table plan document into Templett (spreadsheets or Word documents are usually the easiest to work with). You can click and delete the extra unnecessary tables.