We're so delighted to have MOO as our affiliate partner! <3

When it comes to printed business stationery, we can't recommend MOO enough! We use MOO to print our own marketing and branding items such as notecards, stickers (LOVE!), business cards and invitations.

Why we love them:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Amazing quality products at affordable prices
  • Easy to use online upload and ordering system
  • A variety of paper stock and print finishing options including foiling, spot varnish, luxe card and double sided printing for no extra cost

Wanna see what's on offer? Head to their website to have a peek!



We're proud to have Prints of Love as our US affiliate partner <3

You can use them to print a variety of products including invitations, cards, addressed envelopes, posters and mounted signage.

We love them for multiple reasons:

  • They have eco-friendly practices 
  • Their website and online ordering system is SUPER EASY to use 
  • They don't have minimum quantities 
  • Fast turnaround times and FREE SHIPPING

Check out their website to see what they can print for you!



The Officeworks print & copy website has an easy-to-use drag and drop online ordering system. They have a decent range of paper stock for cards, invitations, posters and on-the-day items in all the standard sizes and quantities. They also print corflute signs (great for welcome signs and seating charts) and deliver to your door for free.

Peterkin Premium Paper and Printery

If you're looking for specialty paper and envelopes for your invitations or stationery including coloured card, textured card and coloured envelopes, look no further than Peterkin Printery in Perth. Their printery can print almost everything in your wildest dreams like foiling, letterpress, white ink printing and printing on envelopes. The prices are all online so you can place an order instantly. 


Papermarc is a printery and boutique paper retailer in Hawthorn, Victoria. They offer various printing services including thermography (raised print), letterpress, foiling, embossing, digital printing including white ink printing and offset printing. You can visit them in-store or email your enquiry for a quote for your job. Unsure which paper to use with your template? Papermarc can give you advice on what paper is best for the design.

Fast Printing

Fast Printing in Sydney caters for every sort of printing from invitations to business stationery to packaging and labels. Perfect for small businesses wanting professional printing and special finishes for their branding and marketing items.


Print City

A gem of a print shop on Flinders Lane in Melbourne CBD! Fantastic customer service and a very knowledgeable team that will help you resolve all your print dramas. They have a quick turnaround time and the quality is always top notch.

Impact Digital 

Eco-conscious printery in Brunswick, Victoria with super friendly service. They have a vast range of paper stock and print finishes and are great for specialty print jobs. You can order some items instantly online on their ordering system on the website. 


Worldwide is a fantastic print service for business and marketing collateral. They also have textured paper stock for cards and invitations. You can also order posters and corflute signs from Worldwide. The great thing about Worldwide is that there are stores all around town and is super convenient.


The Difference Between Laser and Inkjet Printers

If you are on a tight budget and not too fussed about the print quality, your home printer can do a decent job. However keep in mind that home printer ink is quite expensive and you may have ink leakages or unexpected technical problems. We would only recommend this option if you're printing items such as party invitations and table decor on lightweight paper i.e. not thick card stock.

When it comes to home printers there are two types: laser and inkjet. The main difference between the two is that laser printers use powder-based toner and inkjet printers use water-based ink. 

For laser printers, the design is applied onto the page via a heated fuser which bonds the toner to the paper. The resulting image or text is sharp, clear and more precise than what you would get from an inkjet. Toner is also more waterproof than ink so your designs won't be prone to bleeding if it gets in contact with water. The downside of laser printing? Home laser printers usually don't have the capability to print on heavy card stock and you will find that your paper may come out rolled from the heat or have lots of toner residue because of paper jams.

Inkjet printers are the more common desktop colour printer because they are relatively cheap to buy. The process in which the designs are printed is by liquid ink being applied to the paper through tiny jets in the cartridges. If you are using handmade or non-coated textured paper, inkjet printing does turn out quite beautifully because the ink gets absorbed into the paper. Be cautious with coated or extremely smooth paper as the water-based ink may not sit on the page at all. Depending on your printer model, some inkjet printers can take heavy card stock up to 300gsm. One huge downside to inkjet printing is that it is not waterproof and is prone to colour running and fading.