Printing Tips

DIY print wedding invitations | The Hello Bureau, Melbourne

Words by Cassandra Chew

The most common question I get asked about my digital printable designs is where to take the files for printing. There are a few options for printing depending on your budget. So here is my list of possible options. (Please note this is Melbourne and Australia specific so international customers please check with your local print shops and retail stores.)

1. Online print services

2. Your local print shop

3. Print at home

If you are on a tight budget and not too fussed about the print quality, your home printer can do a decent job. However keep in mind that home printer ink is quite expensive and you may have ink leakages or unexpected technical problems. I would only recommend this option if you're printing items such as Save the Dates or party invitations on lightweight paper i.e. not thick cardstock.

My printer at home is an Epson XP-700 which I use to print out my designs as a sample to see what they look like. The other day I needed to print just one page in black and white but I had run out of black ink and had to buy the whole set of 5 colour cartridges because my printer wouldn't work without all of them. So that ended up costing me over $120 in printer ink.

Having said that, I have used my printer to print items on beautiful textured stock such as 300gsm Wild (35% cotton) card from Paperpoint (as pictured above) and they turned out amazing. My printer has a rear feeder which allows for heavier cardstock to be used so check if yours is capable of printing on card before purchasing any paper.

Templett gives you the options to download your invitations in various formats. You can download the design with trim marks or without.