Chapman | Printed Personalised Long Menu

Chapman | Printed Personalised Long Menu

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**Please note that there is a minimum order quantity of 30**

Menu Size: 99mm x 210mm (DL)


1. Select your preferred paper stock.

2. Enter the quantity required.

3. Once your order has been processed, we will be in touch with you via email to discuss the wording.

If you have any questions regarding the menus before ordering, please email us at info[at] and we will happily assist you with your enquiries.



300GSM Cotton: Crane Cotton is a luxurious textured paper with a natural and tactile surface. No wood fibre goes into Crane paper. There's no lignin in cotton, so zero dioxins are formed. This paper is 100% recovered and reused since 1801, when Zenas Crane began buying household rags to make his 100% cotton rag paper.

335GSM Cushion: Cushion is similar to Cotton but with a smooth surface. The paper is made in Japan from renewable wood pulp. Cushion feels thick and toothy, yet airy and smooth. Its remarkably soft, smooth and matte finish makes it feel like a paper pillow in your hands.

300GSM Hemp: Made in Germany, the innovative papers in the Gmund Bio Cycle collection are manufactured from plant fibres and fully compostable. This paper is made from the fibres of the versatile and resource-saving cannabis plant. The texture is toothy, with an embossed surface more pronounced on one side. Tiny flecks of hemp are distributed throughout the sheet.

340GSM Linen: Coco Linen Textured is a high-quality and acid-free uncoated matte bright white paper with a luxurious clean crisp embossed texture reminiscent of fine linen fabric. It is made in Japan using pulp sourced from sustainable plantations and responsible forests.

300GSM Wheat: Made in Germany, the innovative papers in the Gmund Bio Cycle collection are manufactured from plant fibres and fully compostable. This wheat paper is made from 50% FSC certified virgin cellulose fibres obtained from sustainably managed forests and the other 50% is from resource-saving wheat straw from Bavarian farmers. It has a beautiful ivory colour and light embossed texture which gives it a luxe yet rustic feel.


Please allow at least four weeks for the design, printing and shipping of the menus. If you have your details ready to go, it will help speed things up greatly.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure the menus are delivered to the highest quality – due to the texture of the paper, some slight imperfections may occur during printing. This may include uneven colour distribution and images not appearing sharp. These imperfections are often minuscule and unnoticeable but should be kept in mind when it comes to textured paper.