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One of the biggest perks of being in the wedding industry is the privilege of working with other talented industry professionals. A vendor that we love working alongside is Aldrian Franz from Perfect Story Weddings in Brisbane. Aldrian has assisted many couples in planning their big day and we’ve been fortunate enough to design and create stationery for some of these weddings.

Below are some of the items that we’ve created alongside Perfect Story Weddings.

Jenny and Lich | Brisbane

Jenny and Lich joyously celebrated their wedding dinner reception at the exquisite Landmark Restaurant in Brisbane. The venue provided an enchanting backdrop for their special day, creating an atmosphere of elegance and charm that perfectly complemented their love-filled celebration.

The Menus

To delight their guests’ palates, Jenny and Lich curated a delectable menu that showcased the rich traditions of Chinese cuisine. A sumptuous traditional Chinese banquet unfolded, featuring a delicious selection of multiple courses.

Aldrian asked us to design a tri-fold menu that would be big enough to stand out on each table. We created A3-sized menus featuring three panels. The first panel had the table number, the second panel had the food menu and the third panel was for the drinks.

We had these printed in a digital metallic gold ink on sturdy linen-textured card by the wonderful team at Print City in Melbourne.

The talented team at Floral Essence Flower Wall in Brisbane worked their magic and created a gorgeous white and gold floral heaven.

Chinese Wedding Banquet Menu Design
Chinese Wedding Banquet Menu Design
Chinese Wedding Banquet Menu Design

Tania and Andrew | Melbourne

St. Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne set the stage for Tania and Andrew’s heartfelt exchange of vows. The grandeur of the cathedral provided a stunning backdrop for their wedding ceremony. Following the ceremony, the celebration continued at the esteemed National Gallery of Victoria. Tania and Andrew welcomed their guests to an evening of dancing and festivity.

Given the honour, we were entrusted with the task of creating essential elements for Tania and Andrew’s wedding celebration. Our responsibilities included designing the church wedding ceremony program, welcome sign, seating chart and place cards.

The theme was minimal classic – something elegant with modern clean vibes. We decided to use a modern script font that wasn’t too swirly or decorative and matched it with a clean sans serif font. We included a simple black border to keep it classic.

The Church Wedding Program

The church wedding ceremony program was thoughtfully curated to guide guests through the sacred proceedings. It was also a keepsake that reflected the couple’s unique style and the significance of the occasion.

The Hello Bureau_Modern Church Wedding Ceremony Booklet

The Signage

The welcome sign served as a warm greeting, inviting attendees into the wonderful space of Tania and Andrew’s celebration. It exuded a sense of elegance and hospitality, setting the tone for the festivities to come.

The seating chart ensured a smooth and seamless transition for guests as they found their designated places. It was used to enhance the flow of the event and facilitate connections among loved ones.

Modern Wedding Signage Design
Modern Wedding Signage Design

The Place Cards

Lastly, the place cards, designed with care and precision, added a personal touch to each guest’s dining experience. They were meticulously arranged to guide attendees to their assigned seats, creating an atmosphere of harmony and cohesion.

Modern Wedding Place Card Design
Modern Wedding Place Card Design

Mimi and Desmond | Brisbane

Mimi and Desmond tied the knot in Brisbane and celebrated their wedding at Emporium Hotel.

We worked with Aldrian to design and create custom stationery to complement the romantic and upbeat vibe of the wedding. We chose red as the base colour, as the couple wanted a subtle hint of oriental elements throughout the design.

Opting for versatility, we chose a floral design that seamlessly repeated across all the different items. It effortlessly adapted to each unique layout.

Our creative journey led us to design and create an array of wedding elements. These included tent-fold place cards, table numbers, a personalised welcome sign, a seating chart, and delightful round stickers for the cake boxes.

The Place Cards and Table Numbers

Continuing the design aesthetic established by the welcome sign and seating chart, the place cards and table numbers were created to match their corresponding entryway counterparts. We further personalised the items using Mimi and Desmond’s names and their wedding date.

Chinese Wedding Place Card Design
Chinese Wedding Place Card Design

The Signage

Mimi and Desmond decided to feature one of their favorite photos on the welcome sign, creating a personal touch. We carefully designed around the image, using the available space to incorporate the necessary words. We created the seating chart to complement the welcome sign, maintaining the same style, fonts, and colours. This cohesive approach ensured a harmonious visual experience for their guests.

Photo Welcome Sign Design
Photo Welcome Sign Design

The Cake Box Stickers

The cake box stickers seamlessly extended the stationery suite, showcasing the same watercolour illustration, fonts, and colours.

Thank You Stickers Design

The Hello Bureau is a creative design studio in Perth, Australia specialising in wedding and event stationery. With over 10 years experience in the industry, we seek to share our knowledge to help you with your creative wedding and event stationery projects. If you’re interested in bespoke stationery for your wedding or event, please send us an enquiry.

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