Brown Sugared Love | Website Design for a Bespoke Cakery in Adelaide

Apart from our usual stationery design projects, we occasionally get to dabble in web design for our small business clients. It’s always a pleasure working alongside other creatives and this project was both fun and inspiring.

We had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Debra Gonzago-Carter, the talented creative mind behind bespoke Adelaide cakery, Brown Sugared Love. Together, we designed and created a business website that not only showcases her delectable creations but also captivates potential customers.

User Experience

Throughout the website design, each element is styled to reflect Debra’s passion for creating unforgettable sweet treats. From the warm colour palette to the beautifully curated photo galleries, every detail was carefully considered to ensure a seamless and visually appealing user experience.

Working closely with Debra, we implemented intuitive navigation and user-friendly features that would make browsing the site a breeze for visitors. The primary objective of the website is to address questions that potential customers might have. Our approach in designing the website involved ensuring effortless access to pivotal details, including pricing, product offerings, and contact information.

To enhance the overall professional vibe of the website, we incorporated consistent branding throughout. Debra’s gorgeous work speaks for itself and her images were used to highlight the essence and artistry of Brown Sugared Love.

Contact Form

At the heart of Brown Sugared Love’s website lies a comprehensive contact form. We carefully tailored the form to meet the specific needs of their customers. The form includes an array of essential elements, starting with the basic customer contact details. We customised the form to incorporate key event details, such as the event date, serving size of the dessert, and the number of guests to serve. By gathering these details upfront, Debra can better understand her customers’ requirements.

Beyond the standard fields, the contact form also includes a detailed message and file upload section. This is to encourage customers to articulate their exact preferences and expectations. Customers can easily attach inspirations and references, ensuring a seamless exchange of creative ideas between the customer and the cakery.

Contact form for a cake website


As the project came to fruition, it was great to witness visitors interacting and using the new features. This was an exciting and fulfilling project that allowed us to bring Debra’s vision to life. The new website not only displays her undeniable talent but also positioned Brown Sugared Love as a leading destination for bespoke sweets in Adelaide.

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