Wedding Accommodation Wording Examples: Why Encouraging Early Bookings is a Wise Move

The date is set, the venue is chosen, and the excitement for your upcoming wedding is building with each passing day. Amidst the whirlwind of preparations, there’s a common question that often arises in the minds of couples: Is it acceptable to mention booking accommodations early on the save the date card?

If you’re wondering whether it’s appropriate to include a gentle request on your save the date cards urging your guests to begin booking accommodations, you’ll be glad to know that the answer is a resounding “yes.” However, if you’re not wondering this, then we’re going to go through some reasons why it is a good idea (especially for destination weddings). Not only does this approach make practical sense, but it also spares your guests the potential stress of securing accommodation as the event date draws near.

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Factors That Can Affect Accommodation Availability

When it comes to planning a wedding, one crucial aspect is wedding accommodation. Providing suitable accommodation options for your guests can significantly enhance their overall experience and ensure that they have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Whether you are hosting a destination wedding or have guests travelling from out of town, it is essential to prioritise their needs and make their stay as convenient as possible. It is also important to keep in mind the external factors that can affect accommodation availability during your wedding dates.

1. Season

If you’re among the lucky couples who have secured a wedding date within a desired season (for example, spring and autumn here in Australia), there’s a high probability that you’ll be sharing those dates with numerous other couples. A survey conducted by Easy Weddings revealed that 37% of weddings take place during spring, followed closely by 26% in autumn. However, these peak seasons come with a catch—accommodation availability tends to dwindle due to the heightened demand. This surge in demand often results in reduced options for your guests’ lodging.

2. Location

The geographical area where the wedding is taking place plays a significant role. Popular wedding destinations, urban areas, and tourist hotspots might have higher demand for accommodations, leading to limited availability.

3. Local or International Events

Check whether there are any major events, festivals, or conferences happening around the same time as your wedding. These events can potentially increase demand for accommodations, drive up the cost of rooms and limit your options.

4. Major Holidays

Major holidays can impact accommodation availability, as people often travel during holiday periods. Additionally, some hotels might have minimum stay requirements during holidays, which can affect your plans.

5. Accommodation Options

The type of accommodations you’re looking for also matters. If you’re aiming for a specific type of lodging (e.g., luxury hotels, boutique inns, vacation rentals), availability might vary.

Save the Date Cards for Wedding Accommodation Planning

Sending save the date cards is an essential step in the wedding planning process and plays a significant role in coordinating wedding accommodation. These cards inform your guests about your upcoming wedding and allow them to mark the date on their calendars. By sending save the date cards early, you provide your guests with ample time to plan and book their accommodation accordingly. This is particularly crucial if you are hosting a destination wedding or have guests travelling from out of town.

In your save the date cards, include information about the wedding venue and any recommended accommodation options. This will give your guests a starting point and help them in their search for suitable accommodation. If you’ve created a wedding website with accommodation details, it is a good idea to note this on the save the date cards and send your guests online.

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Save the Date Wedding Accommodation Wording Examples

When thinking of how to encourage early accommodation bookings, simplicity is key. A concise yet compelling message will ensure that your guests grasp the importance without overwhelming them with details. Your goal is to convey the significance of booking accommodations promptly while highlighting the advantages of doing so.

Begin with a warm and inviting tone, expressing your enthusiasm for their presence on your special day. Then, transition to the reasons why early booking is beneficial. Focus on the practical aspect – emphasise that securing accommodations well in advance guarantees not only a seamless stay but also peace of mind. This aspect can be particularly powerful, as it underlines the thoughtful consideration you’ve put into their comfort.

Moreover, highlight a specific benefit that arises from booking early. For instance, guests who confirm their accommodations sooner can take advantage of discounted rates, enjoy a wider range of lodging options, or secure rooms in proximity to the wedding venue. This incentive provides a tangible advantage for your guests, making it more likely that they’ll heed your recommendation.

In essence, your wording should strike a balance between warm invitation and practical advice, all while showcasing the value that comes with booking accommodations ahead of time. Below are some examples to help you get started. Feel free to personalise these examples to match your wedding’s unique style and location.

1. If You Have Secured a Block of Rooms at a Hotel

“Mark your calendars! We’re thrilled to announce our wedding date and we’d be overjoyed to have you join us in celebration. As our special day falls during the very busy spring carnival season in Melbourne, we expect accommodation options to be in high demand. We don’t want you to miss out on securing a room, so we kindly suggest you make your reservations early to ensure a comfortable stay. For your convenience, we’ve secured a block of rooms at the Grand Hyatt, which is in close proximity to our venue. Please visit our wedding website for more information on booking these rooms and additional accommodation options.”

2. If Accommodation is Up to Your Guests to Book

“We’re excited to invite you to share in the joy of our wedding day! Our hearts are set on Fraser Island for this momentous occasion, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you amidst the crystal blue waters. Since our wedding date coincides with the bustling peak season, we recommend you secure your accommodations early, as availability can be limited. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of recommended hotels and lodges on our wedding website. Booking well in advance ensures you’ll secure the perfect place to stay, allowing you to fully enjoy the festivities as you share in our joy and create wonderful memories.”

3. If You’re Organising Group Accommodation and Simply Require Guests to Pay You

This one is a little different from the rest. If you are organising everyone’s accommodation and your guests have confirmed they are definitely attending your wedding, we suggest something like the following wording:

“We are over the moon that you will be joining us to celebrate our wedding! As part of our commitment to making your stay comfortable and hassle-free, we have arranged accommodations for our guests. To secure your accommodations, we kindly request that you make the payment of [Total Cost] by [Payment Deadline Date]. This amount covers your stay for the specified dates. Please note that your booking is confirmed only upon receipt of your payment by the deadline. This will ensure that we can reserve your preferred accommodation type and ensure a seamless experience for you. We look forward to having you celebrate with us and creating lasting memories together. Thank you for being a part of our special day!”


When it comes to sharing your wedding plans with guests, honesty and organisation are key. The same applies to booking accommodations in advance. Your guests will appreciate the early notice and might even thank you for the chance to save some money, secure better rooms, or avoid the last-minute hunt for suitable places to stay!

These days, the wording on save the dates is as unique as each couple. Gone are the days of stuffy etiquette rules dictating wording choices. Nowadays, it’s all about bringing on the charm and sharing the good stuff with your guests.

After all, a save the date isn’t just about making a fridge look fancy; it’s your way of giving everyone a heads-up so they can polish their dancing shoes and practice their cake-eating skills well in advance.

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